At the time of referral it is important that the referrer provide relevant information.  It is preferable for this to be provided via a formal referral from a doctor or legal representative or organisation.  Any specific referral questions should also be made as clear as possible at the time of the referral.  It will also be important to discuss relevant timelines.  The likelihood/date of attendance at court should also be specified.

Copies of any relevant material also need to be made available. This information can be provided electronically or via the post.  Large amounts provided by fax are generally less convenient.

Secondary consultation is also available.  This can educate about basic neuropsychological terms and principles, examine test data supplied by another neuropsychologist, and/or offer alternative hypotheses from a neuropsychological perspective.

Please note that the person being assessed should be advised that a neuropsychological assessment can take a considerable period of time if comprehensive and accurate conclusions are to be made. In general, several hours are often required.

Neuropsychological assessments are provided across a range of settings:

Legal or semi-legal, such as:
• Testamentary competence
• Capacity to testify
• Mental impairment defense
• Competence to stand trial
• Assessment of criminals or of people facing the Magistrate’s court
• Capacity assessments for Guardianship/Administration or ability to give POA
• Capacity to parent children

Rehabilitation assessments and neuropsychological intervention, such as for:
• Transport Accident Commission (TAC)
• Following stroke or neurosurgery
• Neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia

Assessment and Education for adults with Lifelong disorders such as:
• Intellectual Disability
• Learning difficulties or learning disorders (including “Dyslexia”)
• Genetic disorders
• Cerebral Palsy

If you require information or wish to discuss a matter,

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